I. All orders are accepted from companies subject to and in accordance with these terms. These conditions override and exclude any terms or conditions in or referred to in any negotiations or course of dealing between the company and the customer or as indicated on the customer’s standard terms and conditions unless such conditions are explicitly included in the contract with the written consent of the company.
Along with all the conditions accepted by the company in connection with the order these conditions constitute the entire agreement between the company and the customer. No change these conditions is permitted unless expressly authorized in writing by director.

II. Small Hole Drilling Ltd reserves the right to change prices from time to time without prior notice. Contract prices are the prices valid on the day of departure. The prices are provided on the quotation form in writing and these prices are offered for sale and are valid for 30 days from the date of sale. Time may not be the basis of any contract or offer. Prices are in CZK delivery.

III. Without the account agreement payment must be made prior to delivery. Payment must be made without any deductions. If the customer fails to pay in due time without the company is entitled to
– the order to revoke or suspend further deliveries
A customer who wants to open a credit account must provide such information which may be an application and the company. Small Hole Drilling Ltd reserve the right to grant refuse or terminate any credit or reduce or suspend any credit limit at any time.
Payments from abroad must be by credit card in EUR, USD, GBP or CZK. The account must be paid in full.

IV. The company reserves the right to refuse to trade with any company or person.
Company is not responsible for orders not so marked and orders will be charged accordingly.
Small Hole Drilling Ltd do not accept any expressions appearing on the customer which do not meet our normal business practices.

V. The customer must inspect the supplies as soon as practicable after delivery. The company is not avaliable for any defects in the supplies If written notice to the company within 10 days from the date of delivery. The amount of each consignment of goods as recorded by the company in the dispatch from the company or place of business. The company will not be liable for any failure to deliver goods or services failure unless written notice to the company within 10 days from the date on which the goods have been delivered. Any liability of the company for non-delivery or faulty goods after following performance in accordance will be limited to replacement, re-provision of services within a reasonable period or refund the price paid.

VI. Transportation of supplies may be charged at the discretion of the company depending on the size, value and hazards of the goods ordered. Delivery will be made to the address specified by the customer.
The Company may use any delivery method available but in no case be required to reimburse the customer for non-delivery, non-performance or late delivery. Time of delivery or performance will be essential.

VII. The risk of damage or loss of goods passes to the customer when the goods are unloaded vans of the companies on site. Ownership of goods does not pass to the Customer until the company received in full all amounts due from the customer. If payment is not received in full by the due date or the customer shall order the cancellation or the court shall make an order to that effect or a receiver is appointed over any assets or business of the customer or the execution on the customer. The company is entitled without notice and for that purpose to enter at all.

VIII. Except as stated below are only accepted for return goods to the decision of the company. The goods must be returned undamaged and in original packaging. Unless otherwise expressly agreed company customer is responsible for returning the goods
Returns based on the customer to notify the company in writing and return the goods in original packaging within 7 days. All costs of collection shall be borne by the customer.
Goods must be returned and proof of posting customer is responsible for paying all postage costs. After receiving the goods that fulfill this condition the company refund the price.

IX. Descriptions of all the goods are different from the description of the manufacturer these should be considered correct. The company may make changes to the supplies as part of continuous improvement program or to comply with the law.
All drawing dimensions are not clearly defined will be interpreted to the best of our abilities, but at the customer’s risk. Buyer is responsible for the selection of tools purchased from the Small Hole Drilling Ltd to be the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the design tools is safe and suitable. If you use any tools, eye protection is strongly recommended.
In the case of micro-drilling is necessary to admit that there may be some scrap also some of the components can be spoiler.

X “Personal data” means in relation to any customer or customer representative.
The company may process personal data for all proposed in these conditions or arising in connection with the relationship between the company and the customer.
Processing of personal data may include:
a1). The disclosure of personal data to company service provider
a2). Transfer of personal data including countries whose laws may not provide adequate protection of personal data. Small Hole Drilling Ltd will only transfer personal information with companies that guarantee companies at the same level of protection as that personal data would be acquired in the Czech Republic.
If at any time a customer or his representative does not wish that their personal data will be used for some or all of the above purposes should contact the director general of Small Hole Drilling Ltd or notify one of our sales representatives in order.

XI. In relation to the goods sold out side the Czech Republic of risk in goods passes to the customer leaving the Small Hole Drilling Ltd Postage and insurance is paid by the customer, but will be managed by a company unless otherwise agreed. Customer is responsible for their own costs. The Company reserves the right demand from the customer full details of end use of goods. Company shall not be liable to the customer in any way or is deemed to violate these terms of delays or failure in meeting some of the companies obligations under these contracts. The Company may at its discretion to suspend performance or cancel all or part of the contract accordance with Czech law.